Transform into Wealth

 Is there a secret to wealth?  You bet there is.  The secret is available to everyone.. including you.  It's not as hard as you've been thinking either.  Changing that programming takes a bit of work, some honesty and willingness, but it can happen. 

I'm offering Wealth Coaching because it's time to STOP talking about being wealthy..and time to BE Wealthy!

Give yourself 45 days to change your experience around money and your experience With Money will be forever changed.  I guarentee if you apply this short 45 day course YOU WILL Change Your Experience with Money Forever!

 I know money is important.  A few years back I didn't have two nickels to rub together.  I had no idea why I couldn't make enough money on a consistent basis to cover my expenses.  It was a regular struggle.  I'd make money, feel like I was getting ahead and the WHAM BANG BOOM back to more struggle.  I just couldn't figure it out.  I was supposedly doing everything right.  I was loving my life.. except the money part.  The money part smelled like rotten fish.  

My whole life money wasn't a big deal to me.  I'd always had "enough" until I didn't.  My whole world felt like it had turned upside down and inside out.  Looking back now I see all the opportunities I had to discover the missing key that would open the door to abundance.  Hindsight is like that, once you get far enough ahead to figure things out.. but at the time I didn't know what to do.  I even swallowed my pride and visited a food bank a few times so that we could pay a utility and still eat. 

Now I am grateful for all those experiences that felt so horrible and frightening at the time.  Because of them I open my eyes and my understanding to the importance of money. You can too.  No matter where you are right now, not matter how hard it feels, you can change your experience with money in 45 days and once you change your experience you have begun to change the programs that run in you bringing about money experiences from now on. 

 What you will learn in 45 days

What are Creative Principles?

How does it work?

How do I work against it?

What about those sneaky beliefs?

The roles of fear, failure, doubt, lack of experience. 

I'll give you step by step How To Exercises to Prove to yourself that YOU can be Wealthy.. starting the first week.

 You will discover the truth about energy.  YOU are energy.  Your thoughts, beliefs and actions are energy too.  You've been creating all along, just with the "wrong" set of instructions.  You need to KNOW that you deserve wealth, happiness, health in order to really allow it into your life on a daily basis.  You must also KNOW What YOU Want to Experience.  We'll get you crystal clear the first week on this part. 

You'll also learn to stop letting the past or what already is affect your next experience, by learning to let go and trust, know that YOU deserve to be as wealthy as you want to be.  We'll cover the basics in the first call.  Bring a paper & pen, you'll need one. 

Next we'll cover how to stay focused and taking responsibly for your own thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Total honesty here will let you break free of old programs that hold you in place.  You'll learn how to turn the tables on beliefs and use them to create beliefs that work for you. 

We'll cover the roles of affirmations, confirmations, meditation & energy as it relates to wealth and allowing yourself to experience total Awesomeness each and every day.  You'll learn how to create a new way of experiencing yourself moment by moment, changing those old vibes easily and permanently. 

Next we'll rid your life of fear and doubt.  You'll learn to think differently to create differently.  Once you begin seeing the PROOF that this system works for's a roller coaster ride of bliss. You'll soon find yourself with new friends, new places & a totally different outlook creating a different life. 

Together we'll set your money plan into action.  Once you feel the power of YOU to do this and see the results you'll wonder what took you so long..  Getting used to wealth will not take you long.  I'll work with you to unravel all the confusion and find your perfect path to success.  Whether you already have a business or are thinking about starting one.. don't take another step in defeat.. 

Course includes Ebooks, email assignments, plus email support and weekly one hour phone/skype call for personal energy work. 

In 45 short days you will EXPERIENCE wealth in a new way in your life.. a tangible way that proves to you it's not only possible.. but that it can be and IS yours.  Say YES to success.  Say YES to yourself.  Wealth is now and always has been your birthright.  Stop struggling and enjoy the best life you can dream of. 

We will talk on the phone or Skype once a week minimum.. with email support offered throughout the 45 days.  You will receive written material as an email for you to work on in between phone calls. 

Money & Me Course

$ 549.99 USD

Once I receive your payment I will contact you to set up your appointment time.  It will be the same day / time for the whole 45 days.  You will be sent class work through email which will give you the How To, Hands On Proof to keep you moving forward. 

Your purchase is your commitment to YOU.