Transformation Coaching

 Now you can shop for my jewelry, dream catchers and much more right here on this website.  My Awakened Store carries unique tools to add excitement as you expand your experience.  

All items are handcrafted by me or the Earth Mother.  Using stones and crystals for healing, meditation and as jewelry is thousands of years in the making.  Divine Humanity has always heard the messages of the Stone & Crystal People and worked with them to enhance their own inner work. 

I offer personally selected items and give basic information on what they bring, sometimes I get a special message from the stone or crystal and add that as well.  There is a little chat in the bottom right corner of this page.  Click that top open a chat box if you'd like to leave me a message.  You can always add AwakenedRadio to Skype and type a message for me there.  

NEW ITEMS!  Copper wrapped Gemstone Pendants to aid in healing and meditation! 

Please note:  Sales to USA only!  Thank you.