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Success Lifestyle: Happy Ain't in the stuff, the stuff is in the Happy (Coaching with the Barefoot Guru Book 1)

This little coaching book is part of my new series “Coaching with the Barefoot Guru”. Each little book takes you step by step through personal empowerment on a variety of subjects. My intention is to encourage you to make new habits with new thoughts, attitudes and actions so that you are consciously creating a new life experience more to your liking. 

While most of us want a better lifestyle, not many truly understand the daily lifestyle that brings it about. There are a few basics that I will cover in each little coaching book so that you are easily making changes that amount to brand new experiences in a short period of time. 

Some of these coaching books will be in Kindle format, others will include print books. By keeping these guidelines handy and working through the exercises at least once a day you will begin seeing result within the first two days. 

Remember, we are talking lifestyle changes here. The real magic is in you doing the work on a consistent basis, day in and day out. I'll make the process as fun as possible to keep you interested and making steady progress. 

My passion is giving you the tools to self empower for your own healing and success. 

Let the fun begin!