Connect with Divinity Within

 Please note, I will be removing the one hour card readings in the next month or so.  However, If you sign up with me now I will continue working with you even when I stop offering these to new clients. 

Card readings are a powerful way to connect with the Energy of Divinity within you. You are where the answers are.  Using the cards & our intuition helps you to connect to your wisdom.  I am happy to guide you on the journey of self discovery.  Spirit Card Intuitive Readings help you to connect with your answers for right now & allow you to gauge how current actions will affect you down the road.  We will also discover how choices you've already made are influencing your experiences now, how they are offering you new options, new insights.  Intuitive Spirit Readings open you up to "seeing" the energy of your choices & decisions so that you can take the options that lead you to the experiences you really desire to have. 

Look at the readings offered and feel which one is calling you.  If animals are showing up all around you then the Animal Totem reading is calling you.  For deeply spiritual matters I suggest Daughters of the Moon.  If you are asking  to connect with your Spirit Guide then the Medicine Woman reading is perfect.  

All readings are for 30-45 minutes as needed to get your answers.  You can choose to work with me at different times or I can set you up on a recurring appointment.  When you are ready for answers, guidance & wisdom, I am here ready to work with you.  As a healer, teacher, life coach & Way Seer for many years, I offer you my highest wisdom as we connect you to your wisdom & Divine Guidance.  

I offer a few options.

Note the energy of the reading to help you decide what type of reading will be best for you.

The price is the same for each.  If you are interested in an ongoing reading for the same day/time each week, every other week, or once a month, please let me know.

  There are several options for us to get together.  After payment, Place yourself on my calendar.  You will also receive an email from me confirming our time together. 

Each session is $45.00

Click HERE to schedule an appointment with me. 

Daughters of the Moon Spirit Reading

$ 45.00 USD

Daughters of the Moon readings.. Three cards with energy connection reading.  These are powerful cards for questions about your path, direction, and deep spiritual quests.

I find these cards are best for things not related to money, jobs, soul mates etc.  They are connected to your spiritual growth and insights.

When you are ready to "See Behind the Veil" this is the reading for you.

I will spend time in the stillness before your call and during your call I will pull three cards.  We will spend 30 - 45 minutes  in our spiritual quest for answers to your questions.


Medicine Card Animal Totem Spirit Reading

$ 45.00 USD

I bet you have several animals that show up in your daily path many times.  These may be there to help and guide you on your path.

This Spirit Reading connects you with the Spirit Animal helper who walks with you.

Perhaps you meet Spirit Animals in your dream time, come to understand that they mean and how they desire to help you on your journey.

I will pull three cards during a 30 - 45 minute reading, letting the energy of those who walk with you share their message to you.



Medicine Woman Life Direction Reading

$ 45.00 USD

These cards are wonderful energy to help you connect with your inner guide.. that wise woman aspect of you that is asking to be heard.

During a 30 - 45 minute reading I will pull at least 3 cards and work with you to connect you with your inner wisdom.

This is a powerful reading for someone who is asking very specific questions about life, love, success issues.