I'm feeling happy. More than that, I know myself to be totally responsible for my happiness.  See, that's the BIG SECRET!  No more looking out there for what you desire.  It's not there, never has been and will never be found there.  That's why you struggle.  You don't know the truth.  The truth sets you free from struggle.  The truth is YOU CREATE your life through your thoughts, ideas, strong feelings and beliefs.

Take a moment right now to realize where everything in your life came from.  Notice that it was first thought.  You the thinker take that idea into your feeling / creating place and there you identify as it.  Before long there is that reality as your life experiences. 

You've heard and probably said, "change your thinking change your life".  That's true.  However, it's not for only a moment that you think a new thought.  You BECOME that!  You live that.  Even before it's shown up you know it to be you and your life.  That takes practice.  We've spent our lives passionately not wanting what we have, noticing all the lack and dreaming of something better but not knowing how to get that something better.

Once you know you are the power that creates, you assume that experience.. pay no attention to counter arguments lest they supplant your desires. There is NONE outside you with any power at all in your life.  Live that role.  Create only that which you desire.  Practice this by living it all day, day in day out.

Happy Creating!
I love you.. love yourself well.
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru

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