I am the stone of remembering who you are and where you have been. I am your root, your foundation; that which you were in the beginning. I will work within your subconscious to bring to remembrance those lessons you have come through already and will help you to understand how to tie them into the now of your reality. There is no thing in which you have experienced that is not still within you. You have only to journey to your within place, that place where you are one with yourself and all that is.

This is the journey I have agreed to take you on, into knowing, discovering and remembering. I will tie into your present those experiences from within each lifetime, from all that is, the beginning, that is now. Remember now, the energy that you are, the vibration of all that is. It is within you. This is the point in
which you have agreed to let your memories come together again. Some say I have come from other worlds, this is true in your sense of time. Yet in reality, we are all one, of one time and one place. This is what I teach. All that ever has been is now. There is no yesterday or tomorrow. There is the now, ever present now.

Let us begin our journey by placing me on your left foot chakra. Here I will remind you of your roots, you’re beginning. Allow yourself to feel that part of you which is pure energy vibration. This may begin as a humming within your physical body. Allow this buzzing energy to flow from your feet throughout you entire being. Let each of your bodies experiences the loosening of already experienced emotion. Let this flow from and move away from your

You will continue to be aware of the knowing these things have brought you, yet the pain will no longer attach itself to you as it does now.

Now I would have you to remember that as I am of old origin, as are we all, some of your memories may include images of different life-form bodies than you are used to seeing. Many may find friends who they have not for some time been aware of. This is good and natural. You may even see yourself in a form not familiar to you now; allow the remembering to come with ease. You will become more comfortable as you allow my energies to work with yours to allow the memories without judgement.

Whatever you see, accept it, look within yourself for the answers to what these things mean. You will find yourself coming into contact with many more who are remembering, share with these what we have remembered that they will move into the remembering with greater ease.