One of the great things in my book A Journey Back to Self Living Consciousness is the guidance for working with stones and crystals for healing. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, working with stones and crystals helps you to stay focused and practice your intuition.  Learning to feel the energy of the stones and listen for their messages not only aides in restoring balance and health but it also guides you gently into the experience of hearing, listening, feeling and trusting your senses and wisdom. 

Here is an excerpt from "A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness" on working with root chakra energy stones. 
"Red Jasper: This will help you to sort out circumstances within the red chakra, which you feel are unjust. Jasper is a stone of self-love and self-power. You may also use this stone to dream with.

Hold the stone in your hands and breathe your intent into it, then place it under your pillow, next morning, hold it quietly upon awakening. This is a good idea if you have blocks in the red and want to dream your memories. Jasper also helps you to maintain the work you are doing, and lessens setbacks.

So keep one with you to help maintain your focus on self-healing.

Garnet: Garnet actually extracts dense energy from the chakra you place it on, transmuting it into healthy, light energy. It stimulates the movement of the Kundalini, so be aware of this. It is a good stone to use for blood related issues. Helps to regenerate and restore imbalances and works with the RNA<DNA to restructure.

Bloodstone: This works with great intensity to bring about healing and courage in the red chakra. It helps you to be focused in the NOW>. Letting go of the past. This is a good one to use if you are low in the energy department. Keeping one with you will help you to maintain a higher energy level. I do not recommend sleeping with red energy stones; they may keep you from being able to rest well. Remember too that the color of clothing, bed sheets, walls all affect your energy too. Take note of how you feel when wearing certain colors. If you have difficulty sleeping try a different color of sheet, pajamas or walls.

Mahogany Obsidian: stimulates growth of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual centers. Helps to restore strength. I have found this stone to work great helping to connect with Earth energy, grounding and establishing connection with life purpose. It can be used to draw blockages out and give insight into the cause of the blockages.

Smoky quartz: I have found this to be helpful to lighten the feeling of blockages, especially good to use with conditions of intense pain, due to physical trauma. It also helps with a connection to Earth energy and self-nurturing. Sometimes when you are aware while walking out doors you will find a great “rock”. Listen to it and use it as it suggests. These are wonderful for grounding your energy and helping you to reconnect with the Earth Mother & your purpose here on Earth."

Of course there are others you can use, but these are some of the basic and easiest to find stones. Simply by holding the stone or placing it on the chakra you will feel the energy as it begins working with you to restore a healthy spin of the chakra.  Don't stop there though, you must release the stored energy, the debris, from the chakra in order to maintain the healthy spin.  Just doing the meditations and using the stones without doing the other work is like taking a pain pill without healing the cause of the pain.

Love yourself well,