See all that money?  How do you feel about that picture?  Perhaps it's what you think you want.  You say you want loads of money.  You want wealth, you want to be rich!
One of the main reasons it's so hard for you is that you are looking at the paper!  Who gets excited over paper?
Who gets excited over a picture of money?  What's really exciting is the experiences the money is exchanged for.

Now that's easier to agree with.  What does the money represent?  Perhaps a home.  What does that home look like?  How do you enjoy the home?  How are you dressed?  Are you smiling?  Entertaining guests?  What are you eating?  What does the kitchen look like?  How do you feel in the kitchen?

My point is this.  Rather than spending your time thinking about money, invest that time in what the actual experience that you would enjoy experiencing is.  Feel that.  Know yourself as that person in that experience.

I was watching a few videos earlier that were supposed to change your vibration about money so you would be successful.  The sound was annoying, the pictures flashing were not even homes I would want to live in.  
Again, it's got to be what you want.  Affirmations are wonderful, but their power is in YOUR KNOWING!  

Know yourself as the one experiencing your dreams.  That's the way of success.  Know your way all along the path.  You can't live someones dream,  you live yours.  Make your own mind movie or collage.  Put yourself in it.  Feel the experience. 

Meditation with malachite will aid you in staying focused on wealth as well as keep a channel open for it to flow into your experience. 

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Perhaps today is the day you will decide to commit to your own life and success.  I'd love to work with you.  Checkout Consciousness Training