You've heard it before and probably even said it many times, thoughts become things.  Stop for a moment and consider the meaning of that statement.  What are your thoughts? Do they really have the power to become things?  Look around you.  Notice the furniture, walls, homes.  Where did all these things get their start?  Were they not all at first a thought?

Thought is pulling forth from the invisible into the physical and when you hold that thought or idea, belief, tightly, it must become form.  That's how creation works. It ALWAYS works. It doesn't matter if your thoughts are desired or resisted ideas of experience.  Either way G O D Life Force will produce them as for on your behalf. 

The problem is that for the most part you are not in control of your thoughts.  Sure you want things to be different and you spend a few moments each day looking at your vision board dreaming of one day having those wonderful things, but inside you, there is another story running. 

When you are willing to move into a new experience of self expression you will determine to be Master of your life.  You will spend hours each day in the silence.  You will notice when your thinking & feeling are out of line with what you wish to experience.  You will right yourself at once upon noticing that once again you are claiming what your five senses tell you is true rather than knowing that you can have everything you desire.

Your creating instructions are caterwhompis, you say one thing but KNOW something opposite.  You are mind full of what is around you and not mindful of wisdom.  Filling up daily on wisdom from the silence is key to an outer change in your life.  Only as your FAITH or KNOWING is different will anything outside you be different.  The instructions for your experiences are stuck in the unwanted what is rather than calling forth from the unseen to the seen a new vision.

Poverty & sickness abound due to so few being willing to commit to being master of their own lives.  Are you willing to commit?  Keep checking back here for more information on doing so. 
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