Where is this struggle that wages within and without?  Have you spent years, perhaps, even most of your life in pursuit of the location so you could put a stop to all the battles going on in your life?
Look no further than between your ears!  That's right.  It's all going on in your head.. your imagination. You are that powerful.  Your strongly felt thoughts, those things we call beliefs are bringing it all into form. 

Your stuck there, between your ears.  You think the same thoughts.  That self talk is just repeated arguing for your limitations.  You create the same type of experiences over and over again.  It will not change until you change.

The vast majority of humanity will never experience anything any different from where they are now.  Why?  Because it requires disciple to change your thought patterns.  You're stuck in a rut, bogged down in the mud.  You cry out for it to all be different, but it remains the same.  

Until you get it, that you are creating it, you are asking for it, you are speaking it into form.. AND determine within yourself to STOP and get a new game going on and stick with that new game, nothing will change.
I realize that isn't what most people want.  Most want some teacher to give them an easy 1, 2, 3 step that magically transforms their lives with little effort on their part. 
It doesn't exist. 
Stop giving your time and money away on things that don't work. 
There are principles of creating.  You use them every day.  You use them to create more of what you say you don't want.  In order for your life to line up differently you MUST Master Your Mind, master your imagination.  You must begin thinking and feeling and imagining different and hold only to that. 
It's a process.  It works.  But only if you work it day in and day out.
You worry the same things day in and day out.  Now I ask you to work with new thoughts, new what if scenarios, see what happens.
You can create different.
You already HAVE the power.
Learn to use it for the outcomes you enjoy. 

If you are ready to take these steps and take charge of your life, Enter A Journey Back To Self~