I am the vibration of OM, Divine perfection and manifestation.  You have chosen to work with me to raise your energy, to become more aware of your perfection and to create this inwardly and outwardly.  You will feel my energy upon touching me as I vibrate high enough to loosen dense energy and stagnant blockages within your chakras and body.  I will help you to move through these and through the thoughts which led you to create them there.
Together we will move into perfection, awareness of the Divinity Within.  Place me in your hands, hold me gently and close your eyes.  You will feel my energy moving through every cell, every aspect of your physical body almost at once.  The buzzing and possible numbness is my movement through the dense areas breaking them loose so that you may release them.
Place me now on your heart chakra.  Open your airways and breathe in deeply.  When you exhale open your mouth fully and chant AUM… this is the sound of creation awakening within you.  Continue to chant the AUM until you feel very buzzy and lightheaded.  Allow this energy to move freely through your body and spirit.
Your heart chakra is your emotional center.  All your thoughts and feelings, even your beliefs and habits flow through here before they are manifested outside of you.  Clear these with my vibration.  Don’t think, don’t hold onto any thought or feeling.  Watch them as they flow past your awareness.
Now place me on your solar plexus.  Breathe in deeply and open your mouth freely and chant on the exhale OM. This creation chant will place you in awareness of Creator within you.  Many times you look outside yourself for things only found within.  Now we will begin the inner journey to awareness.
As you continue to chant I will bring awareness of thoughts, beliefs and blockages that are linked together so that you may see them, bless them for their lessons and allow them to move through and out of your body and mind.
Breathe again deeply and chant, with each exhalation allow more awareness, more fullness of my vibration to flow through you.
Allow healing of emotions, body, mind and spirit to take place now. 
Sit with me each day for ten minutes at the time.  You may wish to do this several times a day.  At night before going to sleep repeat this meditation.  When you awake be aware of your dreams, write them down and work with me again in the morning to release blockages shown to you during Dream time. Place me on the area that was revealed to your during meditation and Dream time. 
You are Divine Perfection.. a divine thought manifested in this dimension.  Know this, enjoy this.