Do you have poverty of spirit?  Let's see.  I was on Twitter earlier today and read a tweet that said something to the effect that without pressure there would be no diamonds.  OK, that's great for diamonds.  I don't want to be a diamond.  I'm not interested in believing myself into one hard struggle after another so I can prove I'm deserving enough to get the life I want to live.  I'm not interested in becoming a gorge worn out by the pressure of water either.

Why do we believe such silly things?  Where did the idea that in order to enjoy life we must first struggle in order to appreciate life being easy?  What chicken caca!  Since I was a little girl I've known that I was NOT HERE TO STRUGGLE so that one sweet day I could enjoy my life.  Many life times ago this idea began as a way for the priests and ruling class to keep the "peasants" (read ignorant, superstitious), under control.  It worked great and still works today.

We still cling to limits and call them beliefs.  They are the very energy of thought/being/experiencing that keep us where we say we don't want to be.. STUCK!  Being in physical poverty is the result of all these beliefs and when one insists on holding onto them as though they are treasures, one is them in poverty in spirit or understanding.  Being in this place is the hardest struggle of all, it's totally self induced and continued due to a sense that releasing oneself from these beliefs would somehow offend GOD.

If GOD were offended, and she isn't.. he would be offended by our refusal to accept all the power that is within us to create one experience after another that tickles the stuffing out of us.  Rather, we cling to beliefs that only exist to keep us in our lowly place.  We even call it humility.  Being humble is the key word or trigger that is used like a noose around the necks of humanity to have them choose servitude  and hardship.

Now I want to challenge you to go through your beliefs one at the time.  ARE they TRUE?  Do they serve you?  Do they bring you into the experience you desire? If not perhaps it's time to take out the garbage!

I love you.. love yourself well..
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru