We all want the same things.  We yearn for happiness, a feeling of belonging, being loved and health.  We complicate it to the degree that it has become a quest for something that is already ours to claim and enjoy.  I watched a video earlier today of a young woman who had spent her whole life overweight and miserable.  She believed that when and if she lost weight she would be happy.  

She reshaped her body and even took up yoga, but the happiness she yearned for escaped her.  Eventually, through much struggle, she can to realize that happiness had NOTHING to do with her body size.  The problem was her thinking, her lack of self worth which had plagued her since childhood. 

Once she began healing that habit of thinking her life began to change.  She found happiness right where she was.  There was nothing else that needed to happen in order for her to be happy.

Perhaps you are in the same situation.  You keep looking for someone or  something to happen in order for you to be happy, healthy, wealthy and have great relationships. What if you were to have an AHA moment and understand that within your right now is the power to experience yourself and your life any way you desire? 

Would you be willing to shift those thoughts, release those beliefs that have kept you trapped in an unpleasant place?  If you are willing that's a HUGE first step to healing your life.  Congratulations.

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