Honestly I'm not interested in helping you feel better in the middle of your sucky life.  I'm not thrilled by helping you suffer through and make the most out of a crappy situation either.  I'm totally hyped by helping you to Remember Who You Are and live as the powerful Spiritual Divine Being you indeed are!

Now if that sounds interesting keep reading. As a teacher, author, healer and spiritual guide for quite a while I've learned a few things.  Most of us are caught up in a system of beliefs and reality where we feel powerless.  We want a better, more pleasing life but just can't seem to get a handle on how.  I want to give you the tools that provide the how. Of course you have to use the tools.  You have to determine to Master Your Life rather than being mastered by your programs.  

Truthfully, unless you do your shadow work, digging out all that you've hidden.. glorious and ugly.. not much will change in your life.  There is no magic wand or pixie dust that will do for you what you will not do for yourself.  You are the one with the power to change your mind and thus change your whole life.  YOU have to do the work.  

How many prayers have you offered, how many books have you read?  How much money have you invested in the feel good coaching only to be frustrated than when you started?  

Take heart.  There is help, there are answers.  There is a way that can lead you to love, peace, health, well-being, wealth, happiness and riches.  The way is not hard although it does require commitment on your part. If and I say "IF" you are willing to learn a new way that goes deep into the very core of your being, healing once and for all those emotional memories and habits that have kept you struggling, you are invited to take part in the Journey Healing Membership. 

I actually was not planning on putting this together right now.  I'd been thinking about it for a while but was waiting until I could hire someone to create a platform for it.  A few days ago WHAM! I got the DO IT NOW from Spirit!  So I began typing and recording video.  That's how inspiration works.. it says NOW!  

You have the opportunity to get in while it's forming so that you can spend a bit more time with me on the site as I'm here daily adding new material for everyone.  For the first 13 people who join you'll also get a complimentary copy of A Journey Back To Self as an audio.  You'll still need the print version as it's best for actually working through each lesson. I am offering autographed copies on this website, (the only place you can get one autographed). 

You know it's time.  You know you are ready.  The only question is... are you willing?
The membership sign up is here