I'm really excited to have the second edition for you in print and kindle.  NOW for even more excitement, I'm creating a meditation CD to use with the book or alone.  The CD will contain the meditations used in A Journey Back To Self plus a few extra messages from me.  I'm also working on a course for you in addition to the mentoring opportunities I already offer here on the website.   I'm designing the new course with text, video and meditations for you to work through at your own pace.  There will be activities for you to accomplish along with new insights and games for you to play as you work through A Journey Back To Self Living Consciousness.

As I state in the book, YOU ARE Living Consciousness.  That can never change.  Only you can change the experience of yourself and your world.  Stay tuned for the release date, hopefully within 8 weeks.  I'm on a roll with writing and teaching.  So much is shifting about in my life, just like in yours.  My baby girl has moved out on her own and for the first time in almost 40 years I have the house to myself.  Of course the Chihuahua & Cat People are still her, but I'm the only two legged walking around.  It's a whole new experience for me.  I'm getting all pumped up with Who do I want to Express Myself As right now?  

Change is good.  It's fun and exciting when we play that way.  It's perspective and we get to determine that for ourselves.  What's happening in your life?  How are things moving around and how are you giving meaning to them?  One of the most powerful exercises in the book and in the course is about the meaning we give everything and everyone we encounter.  Think about that for a few minutes today.  What meaning are you giving everything?

Change that meaning and things start popping!
Love yourself well,