After 20 years of teaching A Journey Back to Self I've finally decided to update the book and the information to include a lot of what I know now that I didn't know twenty years ago.  This second edition includes more details of how to use stones, crystals and meditations to clear, forgive and release dense energy from your body, mind and to move more fully into the expression of you that you desire.  I'm really excited to be updating this book and the classes based on this information.  I will open up mentoring for this book soon.  May  25th 2014 the new edition will be available here on the website as well as online book markets.  

I've got something awesome planned for those who purchase an autographed copy from me.  I will include a CD of all the meditations plus a few extras just for you.  This will only be available through my websites.  I might make the CD available for sale separate from the book on Amazon.  We'll see, I'm still thinking about that one.  

You can pre-order the new book with CD here on the website as well as sign up for one of the mentoring slots available.  I will only take 15 new students at the time for this training and healing.  This is it!  What you've been asking for.  So it's time to decide.  

I've been feeling the urge to go ahead and share what I know about Living Consciousness and that is included in the second edition as well as more information on using stones, crystals, colors and meditations for healing.  Of course I will continue my weekly radio broadcast on these principles but they are not the same as the one on one with me.  On the air I talk in general terms.  Working with me we get  down to the brass tacks on YOUR issues where you are holding yourself back.  It's time.  I've heard that over and over again.  It's time.  I'm ready.  Let's move past the ready stage for something better and make a choice to live consciousness.  That's what you are.. Consciousness.  It's time right now to live fully empowered lives.  

Let's move through the beliefs into Total Awareness, Masters of our own lives.  While I can't do it for you.. I will do it with you, guiding you and holding the light for you.  It's your choice.  More of the same or a brand new reality created by you for YOU!