What if you really could Master Your Life by mastering your thoughts?  I bet you've heard the saying "change your thoughts change your life", and perhaps given it a try for a few minutes. Like a lot of things that sound easy on the surface they often tend to not play out so easy.

Thoughts habits are like that too.  You've spent your whole life thinking as you do and those thoughts have created in the own image experiences which you have emotionally linked to as self identity.  That's why it's so hard to simple change your thinking and change your life. It took quite a bit of thinking to set your beliefs as they are and chances are it's going to take a bit of practicing new thinking to change them.

That's why vision boards and affirmations don't work for most people.  Just a few moments a day spent on a new thought doesn't accomplish much.  You still have those core thoughts / beliefs running inside your head giving instructions to Source for what you'd like to experience next.

Changing your thinking can be done through daily practice.  Just like mastering anything else, practice does indeed make perfect.  A few simple things to do to get you started are to tune in to your self talk many times throughout the day.  Ask yourself, what am I thinking? How does it feel?  Do I want to experience this energy as my next set of life situations?  If the answer is yes, then carry on.  However, if you say NO, then it's time to change that thinking. 

Sounds overly simplistic I know, but it's a sure fire way to begin a new habit of thinking only in terms of what you desire to have show up in your life. There is no instant cure for your thinking habit.  In order to Master Your Life you must master your thoughts!

That's why I created the Journey Group here on the website.  Masterminding with one another as you move into a new experience of yourself is key to making progress and staying the course.  Check it out and see if it's not exactly what you've  been asking for.