Developing Strong Manifestation Powers

If the truth be told, you already know exactly how to create in a powerful and almost instant way. You've been doing it your whole life. The problem is you've been using this power to create what you fear, what you hope doesn't happen and what you most deeply dislike over and again.

Now to discover the conscious way of creating exactly that which you most desire to experience. Leave the fear and dread at the door and move into a brand new way of life.

First get very clear about exactly what you want. Write down your dreams and then go back over them to fill in the details all the way to the end. For example if you want more money, start there, but go all the way to what you want the money for. Do you want freedom to travel? Where to? Do you desire a nice home? What exactly does it look like. Being detailed brings a vividness to your dreams.

Once you have moved into a full knowledge of what you desire to experience use your most powerful manifestation tool, your imagination. Go deeper than just thinking of your dreams, be there in the real life experience of you being, doing, experiencing from that very reality. You do this when you worry, you create a final picture of what “will happen” and feel it very deeply. Use that level of imagination to FEEL your state of being, your new life, new you, during this time of imagination.

Practice this morning, noon and night until it is more real to you than the life you are now living. It gets easier as you go along and you will begin to feel an urging to go into the imagined state to participate with that life. Follow that nudge and allow yourself to feel that you are that new person living that new life.

You must at last be willing to receive this new life through awareness of it forming around you. Celebrate each unfolding experience. Understand that as the new begins to form the old you, the old life, will begin to fall away. Don't grab on and try to keep them or you will return to your old life with nothing changed. Accept that this is the natural way of manifestation. A seed when put into the darkness of the earth transforms into a new experience. This is the way of creation.

These are the only steps you need to consciously create a new life, practice them faithfully and you will soon develop strong manifestation powers whereby you create exactly according to your desires.

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