By taking three easy steps each day you can not only find happiness but live a happy life. Begin by writing down what happiness is for you. Until you know what happiness is, it's unlikely you will achieve it. Make a list and include everything. Be sure to include not only the stuff that represents happiness to you but the feeling of happiness. What does it feel like, where do you feel it?

Once you have finished create another list of all your unwanted situations. Make this second list similar to this statement. I do not want to be poor. Write down everything you do not want. Now drop the not in those statements and what you have left is why you are not happy. You are far more passionate about the unwanted situations than you are about the wanted experiences. This is very important. Being honest with this step will lead to a break through. You create with energy. Energy creates in it's own image.

Turn all the unwanted statements into positive affirmations. For example I do not want to be poor becomes. I interact with abundance and plenty. Take each “negative” statement and use it to discover what is wanted and state that as a fact. These are the statements you will repeat throughout the week.

The third step is to always be happy. Only interact in the energy of happy. This requires you to work with your list and see it as done. Go over your happiness statements and put them in present tense. I am enjoying happiness. My body is healthy and strong. I am successful in all my relationships, etc. Staying happy takes practice and the practice creates the new habit of behavior and thinking.

Lack of happiness is the result of thinking, feeling and creating with old ideas. The ideas of lack, low self esteem and poverty recreate themselves with each passionate thought and word. To change this you must define happiness, feel it deep within yourself. Identify yourself with the energy of happiness. Using these three easy steps every day when you wake up and before going to bed at night will set the energy of happiness free in your life. Through practicing living in the energy of happiness you will in a short time, find yourself happy far more often than unhappy. You will be more mindful and change energy more quickly. You can be happy. You do have the power, exercise it.

I love you.. love yourself well..
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru