Rose Quartz.. the energy of gentle love and self care.  The necklace pictured is in the Awakened Store for you.  The agate brings an additional energy of easy flow for healing the heart.  Using stones and crystals in healing is an ancient practice which allows you to wear the "medicine" needed for your healing and well being.  
I began creating "medicine" jewelry many years ago to aid my students who couldn't carry stones around with them.  Wearing them as necklaces is a medicine bag that helps you heal and work with the ppropertiesof the stones and crystals in a way that is socially accepted.  Whereas years ago we would wear our medicine bags, today the conscious wearing of jewelry serves the same purpose.

When wearing jewelry be aware of the energy you are clipping onto your body.  How does the piece feel, how do you feel when it comes into contact with your energy?  I've worked with several students who realized that their "favorite" necklace was the root of the distress they felt in their emotions.  Notice not only the specific stones but the colors and combinations as well.  

For healing work in the heart chakra pink with green is a powerful combination.  Using rose quartz alone often only opens up the heart more emotionally.  What you desire is a healing of all that is not based in self love.  Using agate or another soft green energy stone brings the energy into one of not just energizing the heart more emotionally, (which many women suffer from) but it brings about a releasing of emotional pain and helps to establish self love.

Often the issues of the heart / emotion are continued by adding more emotional energy to the heart chakra.  Women tend to already over use the emotions, so it's more helpful to add the green healing energy and follow up with rhodonite  or red jasper for self love and acceptance.