I bet you've heard the real secret before.  You might have ignored it or spoken out against it.  The Real Secret is so powerful that most simply will not accept it. All the "holy" books and "religious" text allude to it yet somehow we just haven't been able to let go of our fear long enough to accept the truth.

The truth, the Real Secret is that you are GOD come here to play.  You don't have to become anything, earn anything or deserve anything.  There is not effort demanded of you.  

Have said that, there is something that must happen.  You must come to know yourself as you truly are.  We've played around with this in our mind and our emotions but haven't actually experienced ourselves as we really are.  We talk a good game but talking isn't experience.  We've even felt the truth for brief moments then let it go as we moved back into our "programming".

I challenge you to play around with this idea for a week or so.  Let me know how it goes.  Do you see how the truth is right there and yet you keep dancing around it?  I'd love to hear from you.  Comment.. share.. let's talk!

Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru