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How to Be A Powerful Creator

September 15, 2016

Developing Strong Manifestation Powers

If the truth be told, you already know exactly how to create in a powerful and almost instant way. You've been doing it your whole life. The problem is you've been using this power to create what you fear, what you hope doesn't happen and what you most deeply dislike over and again.

Now to discover the conscious way of creating exactly that which you most desire to experience. Leave the fear and dread at the door and move into a brand new way of life.

First get very clear about exactly what you want. Write down your dreams and then go back over them to fill in the details all the way to the end. For example if you want more money, start there, but go all the way to what you want the money for. Do you want freedom to travel? Where to? Do you desire a nice home? What exactly does it look like. Being detailed brings a vividness to your dreams.

Once you have moved into a full knowledge of what you desire to experience use your most powerful manifestation tool, your imagination. Go deeper than just thinking of your dreams, be there in the real life experience of you being, doing, experiencing from that very reality. You do this when you worry, you create a final picture of what “will happen” and feel it very deeply. Use that level of imagination to FEEL your state of being, your new life, new you, during this time of imagination.

Practice this morning, noon and night until it is more real to you than the life you are now living. It gets easier as you go along and you will begin to feel an urging to go into the imagined state to participate with that life. Follow that nudge and allow yourself to feel that you are that new person living that new life.

You must at last be willing to receive this new life through awareness of it forming around you. Celebrate each unfolding experience. Understand that as the new begins to form the old you, the old life, will begin to fall away. Don't grab on and try to keep them or you will return to your old life with nothing changed. Accept that this is the natural way of manifestation. A seed when put into the darkness of the earth transforms into a new experience. This is the way of creation.

These are the only steps you need to consciously create a new life, practice them faithfully and you will soon develop strong manifestation powers whereby you create exactly according to your desires.

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The Struggle is Inside Your Head

July 17, 2016

Where is this struggle that wages within and without?  Have you spent years, perhaps, even most of your life in pursuit of the location so you could put a stop to all the battles going on in your life?
Look no further than between your ears!  That's right.  It's all going on in your head.. your imagination. You are that powerful.  Your strongly felt thoughts, those things we call beliefs are bringing it all into form. 

Your stuck there, between your ears.  You think the same thoughts.  That sel...

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Life Change of Directions Guidance From Within

June 12, 2016

Many times I've been redirected.  That's right.  I was going in one direction and it went to heck!  What was I to do?  I argued with the situation saying, "hey, this isn't what I had in mind, why isn't this working, why is this so danged complicated"?

The answer is so simple.  Once you understand it life will be so much easier and fun.  Asking sets things in motion.  When you imagine an experience the Universal Magic gets moving to bring that about.  Now we get bogged down in the details, tryi...
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Fear of Letting Go~

June 11, 2016

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On Being Happy Healing Your Life

June 11, 2016
We all want the same things.  We yearn for happiness, a feeling of belonging, being loved and health.  We complicate it to the degree that it has become a quest for something that is already ours to claim and enjoy.  I watched a video earlier today of a young woman who had spent her whole life overweight and miserable.  She believed that when and if she lost weight she would be happy.  

She reshaped her body and even took up yoga, but the happiness she yearned for escaped her.  Eventually, thr...
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Faith Works Consciously Creating Your Life

March 1, 2016

I've begun shorter broadcasts in addition to my one and two hour radio broadcasts.  These will cover specific questions I've been asked.  If you would like for me to cover a specific topic please leave a message for me. 

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Your thought Your Happiness

September 18, 2015
You might not like this, but it's the truth. Your thinking is what keeps you in fear, poverty, sickness and horrible relationships. That's right. You and you alone are creating all those stinky situations that you complain about. All that moaning and fearing and hating, and resisting are the result of what's going on inside your head. I'm sure you've heard that if you change thoughts you change reality. The biggie is that changing thoughts is an ongoing process. It's more than just thinkin...
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Get a New Perspective on Your Life

March 29, 2015

How you look at things, what you say things are, determines your experience.
There it is. The TRUTH!
Yes you really ARE that powerful. 
You are creating your life the way you know it to be day in and day out, moment by moment, thought, feeling, & beliefs as you go. 

Have you ever wondered why it's so danged hard to change things? You want change. You yearn for it, but things remain the same. You are the key.  

Healing your life, whether it's your health, wealth, happy or relationships all depen...
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You Might Not Understand Happiness

December 20, 2014

I love making videos and writing and talking.  It's all part of happiness for me.  Doing what I enjoy is part of the happiness cycle.  Understanding that I'm doing it all is a big part of happiness too.  You can't be happy until you stop blaming others for your misery.  You will not find happiness until you stop expecting others to give it to you.  It's not in those experiences nor does anyone else hold it for you.  Happiness is all about you.

Happiness is a state of mind.  It has nothing to d...
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Can You Accept the REAL Secret

November 29, 2014
I bet you've heard the real secret before.  You might have ignored it or spoken out against it.  The Real Secret is so powerful that most simply will not accept it. All the "holy" books and "religious" text allude to it yet somehow we just haven't been able to let go of our fear long enough to accept the truth.

The truth, the Real Secret is that you are GOD come here to play.  You don't have to become anything, earn anything or deserve anything.  There is not effort demanded of you.  

Have said...
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