From Grief Back to Joy

Always Face the Sun

Sunflowers are great teachers.  No matter where you plant them they always face the sun.  They follow the light from sun up to sun down.  They are amazing to watch as without effort or strain they simply follow the light.

We can learn a lot from these wonderful teachers especially when going through the passing of a loved one.

I know.

When I got the news that my first born child, the shining light that I had always called "my sunshine" had been in a car wreck one Sunday afternoon and passed from her earthly body I was shocked.

I cried out that no mother should have to bury her child.  There is no pain as great as this, the passing of a child.  Giving birth to four children never hurt as intensely as this one act.  It tore my heart and a howl like that of an injured wolf tore from my lips as I fell to my knees not able to understand much less accept what my family was telling me.

Listening to people tell me over and over again how sorry they were for my loss didn't help as much as it reminded me again of how much this hurt my heart.

It was like a part of me was ripped away and the end was jagged and throbbing.

Through the next few weeks of arrangements, funeral, packing and storing my daughter's things I was reminded each day of her not being here.  I don't know how many times I thought of calling her to ask her opinion on a decision.

Seeing my little seven year old grandson wandering about tore again at my heart.

Knowing that all is good, that things are how they are supposed to be didn't always help the pain in my heart.

The healing was a process.  It was filled often with tears and laughter, bitter sweet when looking at pictures or telling stories about her life shared with me.

I asked how I could help others with this experience.  My life is about teaching, writing, sharing and coaching.  Over and over again it came to me to reach out to other grieving mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands and friends through my coaching and counseling.

This is what I have commited to do.

As a teacher, coach and energy healer for over 20 years I now offer counseling for those grieving, a way back to joy and laughter.

I know it feels hard.  I know it still hurts.  There is joy though, still there is laughter. 

Amidst all the pain, the grief, even the guilt and anger; there is joy.

I hope you will let me walk this part of your journey with you.

Understanding from personal experience allows you to know that I've been there and come through it to find joy in my own life.

There are many questions you have, I did too.  There are answers for many of them, acceptance for some.

Let me help you find your way through this and back to joy.

Here is what I offer.

Listening  I really do want to hear you.  Your thoughts and feelings are very important.  The first step to healing is sharing from the place of most intense emotion.

Sharing.  Shared pain is halved and when love is added it is lessened even more.

Guidance.  As a healer and life coach I will give you real steps you can take to ease your pain and get you on the path to joy.

Understanding.  Because I have been there, I do understand.  I know the deep feelings of pain and have gone through them to come out on the side of light and smiles.

Coaching.  Coaching is a step by step adventure using homework that make the things we talk about real and easy to apply on a daily basis. 

Support.  You will also receive an invitation to join a FAcebook  healing group where you can make new friends and share your wisdom.

Healing on a mind, body, soul level takes time, love & nurturing.  Know this, you Can heal.  You can move from sorrow into joy.  I did, and you can too.  I will help you to celebrate the life of your loved one and cherish the experiences you've had.  You will be able to move forward into a new experience that honors the passing & the life of your loved one. 

You will be assigned an appointment each week, every other week or monthly as you desire where we talk on the phone one on one.  This one on one session provides privacy and the opportunity to peel away the layers of grief and sadness.

You decide how often you wish to work with me and we will decide the best day and time.  As long as you are my client this time slot will be held for you. 

My hope is that you will allow yourself this opportunity to heal and move into a time of being in the light as you, like the sunflower, follow the light.

I have four options for you.

You can arrange once per month, twice, three times or four times a month.

By prepaying for the month you get a discount.  Each additional week is discounted.

I can set you up on a recurring subscription if you would like to commit to ongoing sessions for more than a month.

Email if you'd like information                           

Grief Counseling one session per month

$ 100.00 USD

This is for one session per month.  We will schedule your appointment for the same day and time each month. 
Each session lasts between one and one and one half hour.
After checkout I will email you to arrange the time.

This time will be held for you each month as long as your payment is received 2 weeks before next session is scheduled.

Grief Counseling 2 per month

$ 185.00 USD

Two sessions per month is discounted.  These times and dates will be held for you each month as long as you wish to remain a client.
After payment I will arrange a time and day by email.

You time slot will be held for you from month to month as long as payment is received 10 days in advance of next scheduled time.


Grief Counseling 3 per month

$ 265.00 USD

Three sessions per month, same day, same time each week.
Each session provides support and follow up emails.

Your time slot will be held for you as long as payment for the next month is received 5 days before the next appointment.

Grief Counseling 4 per month

$ 375.00 USD

This option provides one phone call per week for the month.
Each session as the ones above include homework, support network and weekly emails between us for added encouragement and support.

Your time slot is yours as long as payment is received for the next month 5 days before scheduled time.