Donna's Lady Farm Retreat


Healing Farm

Co-Create Healing Farm

What would you do if you could spend the whole weekend with Donna on her Lady’s Farm? Would you take part in the drumming and healing circle?  Perhaps you’d enjoying weaving a new dream for yourself as you create a medicine dream catcher and do your healing work. Maybe stringing beads together for a necklace that helps you move into a new experience is more your style, or walking by the pond, or fishing a while in the early morning hours would soothe your spirit.

You might even enjoy playing farmer in the organic garden and harvesting food for supper.  Later on you might take part in the chakra healing class or learn to sing your Spirit Song for well being and peace.  You might go for a swim in the pool and happily splash around while making new friends.

You can help create this experience with Donna, her radio listeners and readers.  This is Donna’s dream, to create a healing center, on a farm for all her friends.  With tractors, a few cows, horses and maybe even a few chickens and peafowl.  She imagines you there with her as everyone laughs and heals through song, dance, classes and other activities.

Helping is easy to do.  You need only buy a book or two, leave a feedback and share the links to Donna’s books on your social networks.  You get a great book with tools to help you awaken to your greatness and move from a survival to thriving lifestyle.  Plus you help others to find these nuggets of wisdom so they too may move into a far more satisfying life experience of happiness and abundance.

I know you want to be part of this co-creating adventure.  Here is how.

All Donna’s books are here on her Amazon Profile.

Shop, leave feedback and share. Donna is also on Audible and ITunes.

Remember, buy a book or several.  Be sure to leave feedback and share the link. Share your experiences with all your friends.  Invite them to create this Healing Farm so everyone can spend a weekend healing and learning to Thrive!

What a great weekend we’ll all have.. see Ya’ll There Real Soon!


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