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I Can Fill This Space with Anything I Want Book

I welcome you!  I also congratulate you for making the decision to take full responsibility of your own life and creations.  You are knowing your power and are ready to live as consciousness.  

I am here to walk with you for a while, to point out the landmarks and exciting things to see, do and be along the way of your journey.

You will find exactly what you have been asking Spirit for here.  Take note of the different opportunities for self empowerment offered through coaching, intuitive guidance and readings.  

Just click on the tab  to find out how to get your  ticket for the next exciting part of your life adventure.  I am delighted to be your guide and companion on this part of the journey! 

 Hello, I'm Donna DeVane.  I got the nickname The Barefoot Guru years ago when a coaching client and I were doing a video coaching session.  She was sharing how she had told a friend what a great coach I was.  The friend was concerned that I was a "false prophet" or was going to lead her astray.  Now I was sitting cross legged on the bed and began laughing so hard that my feet came uncrossed as I fell back on the bed.  My barefoot was clearly visible on the video.. so laughing till tears ran down my face, I declared... YES I'm the Barefoot Guru.  It stuck and I enjoy the energy of it. 

Recently one of the Awakened Radio hosts dubbed me Fearless Captain due to my ability to get things done.  That's how I am.  I don't spend months and years trying to figure out how to live the successful lifestyle.  I let the ideas form inside me, then take the steps that show up for me to take.  I learn by doing.  We all do.  So often we spend way too much time trying to figure out how to do something and don't get around to the doing of it.

My passion is sharing insights, tips, exercises on "how to" with my readers, clients and radio listeners.  I've always loved sharing.  New ideas and ways to accomplish things that tickle me has always been on the top of my life priority list.  Due to my life long quest I always have plenty to share.  Coaching and hosting live radio talk shows keeps me in topics too.  I've spent years reading books on the ideas of other people and at some point about 30 years ago I was inspired to do it Donna's Way.  I realized that beliefs are limits in and of themselves.  Perhaps wisdom was living with as few beliefs as possible.

Now I do realize that we are belief based people, so I do teach how to transition from one to another that works better for you, at the same time you are playing with the principles of Being the Creator of your own experiences who needs nothing, not even beliefs. 

I've been teaching healing and self empowerment my whole life and in 1995 I got my first computer and discovered that I could connect with people all over the world.  I'd always wanted to be an author and so I wrote articles and books.  Years later I wanted my own radio station.  Through the processes that I share in my books, radio shows and coaching, I share these with everyone who is interested. 

I share what I KNOW.  I share because I care.  I want to give you the tools for self empowerment so that you can do your own healing and live the successful life style. 

Perhaps you've heard "change your thinking & change your life" but have no idea how to actually do that.  That's what you'll learn working with me.   We've all spent eons discussing & feeling now Life is calling each of us to Experience Ourselves as we actually are.  You've spent tons of money and hundreds of hours trying to be magnetic enough or deserving enough.  ENOUGH of that!  It's time to Experience yourself as this energy we call GOD or Source!

Join me on this adventure that we call life.  Allow yourself to create intentionally exactly what you would enjoy the experience of.  You can do it and I will help you.  Let's join together to move along the Success Lifestyle. 

Love yourself well,

Donna DeVane

The Barefoot Guru

Donna knows her stuff & now thanks to her I do too.  After just a few weeks I started seeing a difference. 

Debbie Stark

I started with a tarot reading thinking that was all I'd do.  Three months later working with her once a week for an hour my life is totally different. Donna explains the LOA & spirituality in a way that makes sense and actually works. No hype, just results.

Thank you Donna!

Danielle T. 

Donna really is a barefoot guru. She's down to earth telling you in ways that you understand. No new age lingo or hard to understand stuff. I got it. Now my life is so much better. Thank you Guru!

S. Jinkens 

WOW! After years of struggling with low self esteem Donna helped me to discover my inner beauty & power.  I don't even recognize myself these days.  My whole life is changed.

Margaret N.